About US

Welcome to DancingGreetings!

We are a group of enthusiasts with a deep love for dance and forming connections. Our purpose is to scatter delight and optimism globally by crafting and disseminating cheerful, inspiring videos.

Yet, we don't undertake this journey alone. We collaborate directly with squads from countries such as Africa, joining forces with local dancers and artists to develop amusing content that mirrors their traditions and culture. In doing so, we not only bolster their livelihoods but also project their distinctive voices to the world.

We stand firm on the principles of equitable compensation and sustainable business operations. That's why we keep an open line of communication with our collaborators and ensure they get a just portion of the profits. By backing us, you're not only gaining access to entertaining and captivating videos, but also contributing to the support of a worldwide community of creatives.

Your participation in our mission to spread happiness and positivity across the globe is much appreciated. We couldn't achieve this without you!

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